Things To Consider When Deciding Between Air Freight And Ocean Freight Shipping For An Over Seas Move

An international move requires extensive planning, and one of the most important things to think about is how your personal and household belongings will be shipped to your new residence. If you are moving over seas, your main options are either air freight or ocean freight shipping. Both shipping methods have pros and cons, and which one you choose will depend on your personal circumstances. Consider the following when deciding between air freight and ocean freight shipping:

The Cost of Shipping Freight

One thing to think about is how costs are calculated; when you use air freight you are billed according to chargeable weight, which is calculated by the weight and size of your shipment. Ocean freight companies charge by the container, and there are several standard sizes of containers for freight. If you are shipping a large amount of items, there is a good chance that air freight shipping will be more expensive than ocean freight shipping. With smaller, lighter shipments there may not be a big difference in price between air freight and ocean freight shipping, and there may be some circumstances where air freight shipping ends up being cheaper.

How Long It Will Take to Get Your Belongings

It is no surprise that air freight shipping is faster than ocean freight shipping; the speed of modern air planes eclipses how fast an ocean freighter can travel. In most cases air freight can be delivered to your new over seas home in a matter of days, while ocean freight shipping can take weeks. The importance of speed depends on your personal situation. Some people lease a short-term furnished rental when relocating to a new country, in which case receiving household items may not be a high priority. Other people want their stuff as soon as possible in order to set up their new residences and feel at home, making air freight shipping much more convenient. 

Reliability of Each Mode of Transportation

When you work with a reputable shipping company, whether air freight or ocean freight, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive to your destination. But a number of factors can change the arrival date. Ocean freight shipping is considered less reliable, as bad weather at the point of origin or stormy seas can potentially delay arrival by weeks or even months. Air freight shipping companies can typically deal with bad weather or other delays in a more timely manner, so if your shipment is delayed for some reason there is a good chance that it will only be a few days late.