Moving In The Winter? Follow These Tips For A Snowy Moving Day

Many people prefer to move when the weather is nice outside, but you may not always have a choice. If you have a lease that ends during the winter, you will need to battle through the snow to get your belongings to your new place. Here are some tips for dealing with the snow.

Clear The Snow

You may be struggling to get everything packed in boxes before your movers arrive, but having a snow free path from your home to the moving truck is going to make things much easier.

Put down some salt on the cement so that the ground is not slippery. Anything that you can do to make it easier for your movers to do their job is going to help the move go faster, and track less snow through your home. Kitty litter is also another great eco-alternative to salt since it can help movers grip the ice with their shoes. 

Protect Your Floors

The floors at your old and new place are going to get messy with the movers quickly moving through your home, and it's not practical to have them take off their shoes each time they enter when they are carrying heavy items. Gather up some materials that you can put on the floors and create paths that let the movers walk from room to room.

The cheapest solution would be to use some towels to lay on the ground that can easily be thrown into the washing machine when the movers are finished. A better solution is to purchase plastic sheeting. Use tape to secure it to the floor so that it does not shift around and cause somebody to slip and fall. When the movers are finished, simply throw the plastic sheeting away.

Cover Your Furniture

If the snow is coming down fast while items are being moved, you'll want to provide some additional protection to your furniture. Purchase extra moving blankets to cover items as they are being moved between the truck and your home. The moisture from the snow can cause wood furniture to become damaged if there is a blizzard outside, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

You can also ask your movers about wrapping your furniture in plastic wrap for an extra layer of protection.

While moving during the winter can be a challenge, it is not impossible. Follow these tips and check out the site, and you will have done the necessary planning to ensure that your winter move goes smoothly.