Over The River And Through The Woods: Three Cheaper Routes To Get To Grandma's House For Christmas

If you have a long trip ahead of you this holiday season, you may be dreading the expense more than the travel. You could go by car, but gas prices almost always skyrocket during the week of any holiday. That does not help, especially if you know you will need to fill the tank more than twice enroute to your family gathering. Here are a few cheaper routes to get to your Christmas destination and to take the worry out of making connecting flights, where, when and how long to stop, and how much it will all cost.

Go with a Commercial Busline

If you buy your tickets in advance, you can usually go via commercial bus line for less than $100 per ticket (sometimes even cheaper than that, depending on the bus line). What is more, your luggage travels with you and never gets lost, plus you never have to worry about falling asleep at the wheel because someone else is driving. You may even travel cheaper if you are willing to make several stops and layovers to catch other buses in major cities and bus line hubs.

Rent an RV

You could go all "Christmas Vacation" on your family and rent an RV for Christmas week. Then you can travel to your destination in comfort, stopping off to see various sights and Christmas lights along the way. Campgrounds for RVs may either be closed this time of year or open and quite empty since most other travelers would not be going this route. Call ahead to make reservations so you know which sites are closed and at which ones you can stop and stay. If nothing else, you can always park overnight at a parking lot of a big box store, where you can also stock up on groceries and supplies. The total cost is typically less than three train or plane tickets to your destination.

Rent Bus Charters

Bus charters differ from commercial bus lines in that you are chartering an entire bus exclusively for you and yours. If you want a straight shot drive to Grandma's house at Christmas time, you are picking up several relatives along the way, and you want to enjoy your holiday nog without getting into trouble with the police, then a bus charter is the perfect option. Chartering a bus usually costs less than one or two plane tickets this time of year, and a bus charter means that you have a straight shot to your destination with no layovers or lengthy stops.

For more information and options, talk with local charter companies, such as Rochester Shuttle Express.