Out Of Work Veteran? Consider Working For A Trucking Company

Countless veterans come home from defending the country only to struggle to find a job. It doesn't matter that they put their lives on the line to defend the freedom of everyone in the US. Unfortunately, the high unemployment rates coupled with the extensive requirements needed to work in those few jobs that are available make it difficult to get a job anywhere. Instead of stressing over not having enough experience in the industry, veterans can turn to jobs with trucking companies to make ends meet. [Read More]

Over The River And Through The Woods: Three Cheaper Routes To Get To Grandma's House For Christmas

If you have a long trip ahead of you this holiday season, you may be dreading the expense more than the travel. You could go by car, but gas prices almost always skyrocket during the week of any holiday. That does not help, especially if you know you will need to fill the tank more than twice enroute to your family gathering. Here are a few cheaper routes to get to your Christmas destination and to take the worry out of making connecting flights, where, when and how long to stop, and how much it will all cost. [Read More]

Things To Consider When Deciding Between Air Freight And Ocean Freight Shipping For An Over Seas Move

An international move requires extensive planning, and one of the most important things to think about is how your personal and household belongings will be shipped to your new residence. If you are moving over seas, your main options are either air freight or ocean freight shipping. Both shipping methods have pros and cons, and which one you choose will depend on your personal circumstances. Consider the following when deciding between air freight and ocean freight shipping: [Read More]

Moving In The Winter? Follow These Tips For A Snowy Moving Day

Many people prefer to move when the weather is nice outside, but you may not always have a choice. If you have a lease that ends during the winter, you will need to battle through the snow to get your belongings to your new place. Here are some tips for dealing with the snow. Clear The Snow You may be struggling to get everything packed in boxes before your movers arrive, but having a snow free path from your home to the moving truck is going to make things much easier. [Read More]