Why Warehousing Is Vital For Businesses

If you are a business that ships goods, you have likely heard that you need a warehouse. Many people feel it is just another expense, but they often do not fully understand the benefits. Warehouses services assist companies with inventory control and shipping efficiency, and both boost your productivity.

Inventory Control

When you know what is in your inventory, you will often have backorders and shipping delays. Customers expect you to be able to fill their orders in a timely fashion, especially if you claim to have items in stock. Utilizing a warehouse, you will have a central location for your product that can be tracked. When inventory is logged as it comes in and out of that site, you will be immediately notified when an item is low or out of stock. In addition, you will know when you have too much of one product and are able to offer sales or not have as much produced. Finally, warehouses provide temperature control, keeping all items safe from environmental damage or spoilage.

Shipping Efficiency

One benefit warehouses offer is the ability to store massive amounts of a product in an organized manner. You will have access to loading docks, pallets, forklifts, and space for packaging. In many cases, you will have the ability to use robotic technology to move items around, significantly improving productivity. This technology will also allow you and the consumer always to track where the package is in the shipping process, improving your customer satisfaction rating.

Increased Productivity

Consumers demand different items based on the time of year. When you keep your products in an office space, it is difficult to bring in seasonal products while other things are taking up space. However, with a warehouse, you have the option of having a small clearance sale at the end of a season and then storing the extra product for later use instead of taking a financial loss. Using this method, you will have a jump start on the next season with products available early for people who are planning ahead, again increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition to these three benefits, most warehouses have insurance on the products that are stored inside. If there is a fire, theft, or damage, your insurance company will compensate you for the loss. Therefore, warehouses will come with an increased price tag to your business, but the increased profit will often cover that difference, and then some