Going To LAX? Follow These Tips If You're Planning To Cut It Close

Catching a departing flight at LAX can be stressful anyway, but when you're planning on cutting it close and missing your flight is a risk, the trip can produce even more anxiety. These tips will help you make your flight with time to spare.

Make Use of Early Check In Options

Many airlines offer early check in options through their websites and mobile apps. Doing early check in allows you to bypass check in counters and kiosks at the airport and move straight to the line where you can check in your bags.

Take Your Rental Car Back the Day Before

Rental car agencies can get swamped with customers, especially at peak times like on weekends and holidays. To avoid delays, take back your rental car the day before going to the airport. Since you'll be without a car, plan to stay in at the hotel the night before you leave.

Arrive in a Car Service

Knowing that you'll need a ride to the airport because you took back your rental car early, make a reservation with a car service LAX at least one day in advance. Since you're planning to head to the airport as close to your departure time as possible, make sure that the car service knows you'll be in a hurry and ask them to show up ten minutes early.

When the car service arrives, know which gate you'll be departing from ahead of time to ensure that your driver can take you directly to your destination. When you get in the car, remind the driver that you're running late and that you need to get to the airport urgently. This may change the driver's plans and result in him or her taking more surface roads and less freeway, or vice versa.

Take Carry-Ons Only

Bring as few bags to the airport as possible. If early check in isn't an option, you'll want to get up to the check in counter quickly and easily. With fewer bags to lug around, you'll find that it's easier to get up to the check in counter more quickly because you'll have improved agility. 

For more information about how you can get to LAX on time, contact the car service going to LAX. Representatives from your car service company will know the best way to get to and from the airport as efficiently as possible in heavy LA traffic. This will ensure that you'll be able to make your flight or get where you're going on time.