Airport Shuttle Etiquette - Do's And Dont's

These days with so many transportation options, you might not know what is expected in a carpooling situation. If you aren't sure about proper etiquette when it comes to airport shuttle services, make sure to study up these five tips.

1. Make Sure to State Your Destination

When you are boarding your shuttle, be sure to check in and make sure the driver knows your destination. There may be multiple stops and airports in the area, so make sure your trip is recorded correctly. Even if you signed up online it is good to verify this with your driver.

2. Engaging Others in Conversation

If your shuttle is early in the morning or late at night, it might be a good idea to be quiet on a shuttle, especially if others are napping. If your shuttle driver engages in conversation, this can be an invitation to talk. Use common sense and read the room. If others are chatting, feel free to jump in, but try not to be too much of a disruption for those who might want some peace and quiet.

3. Don't Bring Smelly Things on Shuttles

You might be in a rush and want to scarf down your breakfast burrito on your shuttle, but if this is going to make your entire bus smell like eggs and chorizo, your fellow passengers might resent you. If you love wearing lotions and perfume, it is a good idea to leave these in your bag until you are done with your travels.

4. Don't Rough It if You Get Carsick

Don't be shy and just shuffle into the back of a shuttle van if there is a chance that you might get sick along the way. Try to request the front seat ahead of time. If there isn't assigned seating, make sure to let the driver know you might get carsick so that they can rearrange seating.

5. What to Tip the Driver

It is standard to tip 10-15 percent, but as long as you tip something this is important. See if you can include this when booking, but if not, be sure to have cash on hand. The driver might actually appreciate this the day of as you can ensure the tip will get to them and you can tip more if they provided exceptional service.

Airport shuttles are a great alternative to private transportation to the airport, but some social cues might be needed. If you do opt to take an airport shuttle, make sure you understand unspoken rules when it comes to carpooling.