Limo Services Still Bring Class And The Party To Big Events

Limo services make it easy to transform a fun event or date into an amazing experience. With a chauffeured excursion complete with ample seating, plenty of amenities, and maximum comfort, the ordinary is quickly elevated. Contemporary limousine services have also moved far beyond the stretch to provide a wide range of comfortable options ready to fit almost any budget and party style.

Stretch limos

When a night out or red carpet requires a classic touch, the stretch limousine remains as glorious as ever. With wrap-around seating, a privacy partition between driver and occupant ad amenities ranging from built-in television service to built-in bars, a stretch packs a lot of punch into a spacious ride. It's a great fit for prom nights, special dates, weddings, escorting a group of VIPs to an event, and more.

SUVs and bespoke offerings

Bespoke limousines aren't a new concept, but a love affair with sport utility vehicles literally upped the game and created a fierce competitor for the classic limo. Many companies have undergone the conversion to a new rugged-looking and event-ready stretch. Due to their familiarity with consumers, these bespoke options are extremely popular for parties, prom nights, event transport, and taking a highway cruise for a special occasion. With the added length, each vehicle generally includes the same amenities as a classic stretch and often features a bit more headroom and flexibility for built-in modifications. However, results can vary based on the overhaul. When booking a limo, always ask for the models with preferred features to ensure the best ride possible is secured.

Party buses

On the extreme end of transport for a night out, the party bus is both a limousine and a destination all its own. Some custom party buses are more demure and serve as a stretch limo and bus hybrid with more luxurious seating and even more built-in features, such as a restroom, a full-service bar, or even a small kitchenette for serving snacks. Others put the party in the party bus with karaoke machines, high-tech lighting systems, DJ stands, and space for dancing. 

A decked-out party bus is perfect for a wide range of journeys, including a longer road trip to a special event like a concert, a bachelorette or bachelor party, or for making the rounds in town after graduation or prom. They are great for a shared rental with a group of friends or for individual leasing when planning an event. 

More luxurious party buses are also great for mega road trips when comfort is key and no one wants to drive. The added amenities make a special event, like attending a big game or traveling as a group to a destination wedding or reunion, even more special. For more information, contact a limo company near you.