Requirements For Becoming A School Bus Driver

If you enjoy being with children and you are looking for a job that doesn't require an extensive education, yet pays a respectable annual salary, you might be interested in becoming a school bus driver.   

The average annual salary for a school bus driver is $28,330 per year and the educational requirements for this position is a high school diploma or the equivalent. Add to that the fact that you could have holidays, summers and school vacations off – and you get to work with kids - this may be the ideal job for you.

If you are interested in working as a school bus driver, here's a look at some of the necessary requirements.

Receive Proper Training

To start, you'll need to receive the proper training in order to become a school bus driver. This training includes educational and practical (driving) instruction. You'll learn about the regulations that have been put forth for this position by both the federal government and your state government. Additionally, you'll also learn strategies effectively work with children, parents, school teachers, other bus drivers and school officials.

Receive Your Commercial Driver's License

In order to become a school bus driver, you'll need a commercial driver's license (CDL). You will be required to pass a skills test and a driving test in a commercial vehicle in order to receive a commercial driver's license.

Have a Physical Exam

You will also need to have a physical exam in order to become a school bus driver. Your Department of Transportation medical card is a requirement in order to receive a CDL, and in order to receive this medical card, you'll need to have a complete physical exam, during which your vision, your hearing and your overall health will be examined. If it is deemed that you are physically fit according to the Department of Transportation's requirements, you will pass your physical exam.

First Aid and CPR Training

Though it may not be required, receiving first aid and CPR training (from professionals, such as those from Southwest Florida Safety Council Inc) is a wise idea if you are planning on becoming a school bus driver. This training will provide you with essential skills that could be used in the event of an emergency. For example, if a child on your bus suffers and injury or has an allergic reaction, you will be able to provide emergency medical treatment until an emergency medical team arrives at the scene.

By fulfilling these requirements (and suggested training), you could be on your way to a very rewarding career as a school bus driver.