Four Reasons to Choose a Helicopter Ride

A Look at the History of Helicopters

A helicopter is a small aircraft that is capable of vertical flight, which means it can take off just about anywhere, and there is no need for a runway like there is if you are flying in an airplane. Helicopters have been around since the 1940's, but helicopters have been imagined for centuries before the technology and understanding of physics caught up with the idea. Leonardo da Vinci even drew sketches of a helicopter-like device that was meant to use a spiraling top to lift it into the air. Although helicopters were first used in war, today they are used for a variety of things from fighting fires to shooting movies. One of the most popular uses of helicopters is sightseeing. People can charter a flight on a helicopter for a unique experience. Here are some of the things you can experience if you take a ride on a helicopter:

A New View 

You may know your city or community by heart, know every lane, park, and building, but a view from the sky is something completely different. Your hometown or city looks different from a birds-eye view and you get to experience it all over again from the air. A sightseeing helicopter ride lets you see from a new perspective. 

Breathtaking Sights 

Sky views are known for their beauty; that's why a room with a view is so sought after. Buildings are seen to their best advantage when you get some distance and hight. Colors are often more vivid from a distance. You can take in a whole scene from the sky that you would only see a part of on the ground. Helicopters offer views that rival any penthouse suite. 


Helicopters are a form of luxury travel. When you charter a sightseeing ride in one, you can expect a comfortable experience that VIP's usually have. A helicopter is an efficient and fast form of transport that the rich and famous sometimes use. It makes for an unforgettable experience. 


When you charter a sightseeing helicopter ride in your city or in a city you are visiting, you can be sure that your pilot will know all the best sights. It is a comfortable and exciting way to see a city's sights. There is no need to wait in lines, walk around in the heat or cold, or mess with guidebooks. A helicopter sightseeing tour is a good option for people who want an interesting ride and want to catch the sights without the hassle.