Reasons To Store Your Tugboat At A Local Marina

Every boat owner has to decide where to keep his or her boat when it's not in use. While it's common to keep your boat on a trailer on your property, another option is to rent space at a local marina. If you've recently bought a small tugboat, your first instinct may be to keep it on your property when you're not using it. Doing so would obviously save you the rental fee at the marina. There's a lot of value in keeping the vessel in the water at the marina, however, and this may be an idea that you wish to explore. Here are some reasons to keep your new Ranger tugboat in this location.

Opportunities To Help Others

A tugboat is a strong and rugged vessel that you can use for fun, but that is designed to work. Some marinas have tugboats on site that are used for various jobs, but this may not be the case at a smaller marina. If you keep your tugboat at a marina where it's the only vessel of this type, you may occasionally have an opportunity to help someone. For example, if a boat's motor has died nearby, someone may call you and ask you to go out and pull the boat to shore. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you can help other nautical enthusiasts.

Less Hassle On The Road

Even if your tugboat is on the smaller side, it's still a large vessel. This means that the trailer you need to pull the boat will be large. Whenever you take a large boat on a large trailer out onto the road, there are challenges. For example, going around tight corners can sometimes be unnerving. Additionally, you need to worry about a distracted driver bumping into your trailer and causing damage to it and the boat. When you elect to keep your new tugboat at the marina, you'll avoid unnecessarily having to transport it.

Time Saved

When you own a boat, you want to spend as much time using it as possible. Should you elect to take the vessel home with you after each use, you may begin to find that you're spending a lot of time loading and unloading the boat and performing other similar tasks that become arduous. There's something appealing about knowing that your boat is already in the water — when you want to go for a ride, you simply drive to the marina, climb on board, and head out.