5 Factors That Will Impact The Cost Of Your Charter Bus Rental

A charter bus can be a great way to provide transportation for an event. If you intend to rent a charter bus for an event, it is important to understand the different factors that will impact the cost of your charter rental. Understanding the factors that will impact the cost will help you stick to an effective budget and know where you can spend money and where you may want to cut back for your event. 

Type of Bus

The most significant factors that will impact your rental costs are the type of bus you need to rent for the trip. There are three primary types of charter buses you can rent.

Entertainer Bus

The first is an entertainer bus. In these buses, the seats are situated on the side of the bus, with the middle of the bus open for moving around. These are the types of buses that are often rented for things such as parties, bar crawls, and bachelorette weekends.


The second type of bus is a minibus. Minibuses are charter buses that generally have less than thirty seats. They often cost less than a full-size charter bus to rent. They are great if you need transportation for a small group that doesn't have a lot of luggage. Most minibuses do not have extra storage capacities.

Regular Charter Bus

The third type of bus is a regular charter bus. A regular charter bus is usually able to accommodate fifty to sixty people. A charter bus is great for larger groups or smaller groups with excess luggage. There is generally both overhead storage for luggage as well as storage under the bus as well. 

The Length of the Rental

How long you need the rental will impact the cost as well. If you only need to rent the bus for a few hours, you will more than likely be charged either an hourly rate for the rental or you will be charged by the mile. 

If you need the rental for multiple hours or multiple days, you may be able to pay a per-day rate. A per-day rate is great for overnight trips where you need the bus for multiple days and will drive many miles. 

Number of Bus Drivers

The number of bus drivers you need can impact the overall rate you are charged. For trips that are multiple hours or days long, more than one driver may need to come on the trip. Multiple drivers are needed due to regulations about how long a driver can be on the road without taking a break.

When renting a charter bus, the price will vary based on the type of bus you rent, how long you need the bus for, and how many drivers your trip will require. Most companies will be happy to give you a quote, so you can effectively plan transportation for your event.

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