Tips For Throwing A Party In A Party Bus

If you are planning on going bar hopping or trying to transport a large number of people to a party, there's a good chance that you're going to consider renting a party bus. Party buses are excellent because they have enough room for everyone and are an excellent way for people to be able to drink without having to drive. However, you want to be sure that the party doesn't end when you get taken to the party or home from the bars. Here are some tips for throwing an awesome party in the party bus itself.

1. Decorate It Ahead of Time

Call up the party bus rental place and ask if you can pay for an extra fifteen minutes before the bus is officially supposed to arrive and fifteen minutes after the bus is supposed to leave for the night. This will give you the time that you need to grab a friend or two and throw up some quick decorations to help personalize your bus before the party truly starts. Some great ideas for decorating the bus are to wrap crepe paper around any handrails or poles that are in the bus, to put throw pillows around the bus for an impromptu pillow fight, or to quickly string some lights. Be sure that you take all of your stuff with you before you leave. Leave a couple large trash bags in the car so that you can just throw everything in and leave at the end of the night. Have a checklist of everything that you put in the bus to keep track of it all.

2. See If You Can Bring Your Own Food

Check the food and drink policy of your party bus. If you are able to bring your own food and beverages, have a cooler stocked with drinks that you can partake in all night, including lots of bottles of water. Also bring bags of snacks. Having your own food and drinks on the bus means that the bus can be used as place to refuel while you get ready for the next exciting part of your night.

3. Bring Your Own Music

Have a series of playlists ready to go for your party that are going to perfectly set the mood. Be sure to ask the company what technology is available on the bus so that you know what kind of audio system you'll be working with.

4. Check the Amenities

Party buses experience a lot of wear and tear on their amenities because people who are partying are not the most careful. Check all of the offered electronic amenities to see if they work before the party starts. If they don't work, make sure that you report them to ensure that you aren't held liable for them and to possibly negotiate a lower price.

For more information, talk to a party bus company.