Three Tips On Effectively Using A Shuttle To The Airport

Finding out that your hotel offers a shuttle that runs between the hotel and the airport helps you breathe a sigh of relief. Instead of hiring airport transportation, from a company like Naples Limousine, for that early-morning trip to catch your flight, you just have to descend to the lobby, find the shuttle parked by the hotel's main entrance and hop on board. Using this service is simple, but being aware of a few bits of advice can help you make the most of this typically free service. Here's what to do.

Learning The Schedule

If you're the type of traveler who invariably cuts things close when heading to the airport, it's especially important to check at the hotel's front desk to determine the frequency with which the airport shuttle runs. Shuttle drivers follow a variety of protocols -- some will drive lone travelers to the airport, others will wait until the vehicle is partially full and others will stick to a specific schedule, such as leaving every 30 minutes. Having a clear understanding of what to expect will ensure you don't encounter an untimely surprise -- there's nothing worse than reaching the lobby only to learn the shuttle just left and isn't due back for 20 minutes.

Help With Your Luggage

When you approach the shuttle, you have the option of handling your luggage yourself or leaving it on the curb and allowing the driver to load it for you. If you opt for the latter, it's considered proper etiquette to tip as a method of conveying your appreciation. Independent Traveler recommends tipping $1 per piece of luggage. It's always best to be cognizant of the type of luggage you have and to tip accordingly; if one suitcase is especially large or heavy, it's appropriate to be a little more generous with your tip. Hand over the tip, in cash, once you reach your destination and always offer a smile and a verbal thanks.

Tipping Advice

Even if you choose to handle your own luggage, it's polite to give the shuttle driver a tip. The general rule, according to Travel Sense, is to give $2 -- of course, this amount can be slightly higher if the driver handled your luggage. If you're traveling to the airport with family members, the website recommends tipping $2 per person, so it's best to have the necessary cash on hand. Hand the driver the tip before debarking from the shuttle or place the cash in the driver's tip jar.